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Launch Your Game In India

After our successful experience of launching PUBG mobile esports platform in India, we believe India is an untapped market for mobile games. India is now home to one-tenth of the world’s gamers and has the second-largest smartphone user base in the world. We will make sure that your game is on the minds of every passionate gamer in India.

eSports Tournament Organizer

Our team has organized PC and mobile global tournaments for PUBG and DOTA2. In parallel, our team has participated in large eSports tournaments with League of Legends, Counter-Strike Go, Fortnite, etc. We can stream and run automated or manual tournaments for you using our experience and technology tools for your gamers.

Community Platform Management

Long-term business success depends on raving fans, who are not only your customers but are also champions of your products and services. Our experienced community team will engage with your current and potential customers to serve their needs and will manage your reputation through reviews and testimonials.

Quality Assurance

Our end-to-end test automation services enable you to define and build & implement enterprise test automation frameworks and script automated tests. It allows frequent releases of applications by reducing the maintenance effort without compromising on the quality of testing.We will leave no stone unturned in the search for bugs.

Full-Service Marketing

We provide end-to-end digital marketing services from getting you engaged organic followers on Facebook, Instagram, etc. to daily social media post management, blogging, content creation, sales lead generation via search engine optimization (SEO) and connect you to influencers through our network for your industry.

Website Development

We develop your ideas into custom, mobile-friendly, search engine optimized, dynamic websites that resonate with your business. The website is the face of your company and we will make sure your website gets you the spotlight your brand deserves including the integration of a personalized AI chatbot for your customer service.

Mobile Development

We build or refine your Android and iOS apps to scale and drive user engagement and sales. Apps are no longer just a cost for your business, it can become a revenue generation channel through our industry-specific sales plug-ins and google ad network. As part of our offerings, we also manage your app ratings on iTunes and Google Play store.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer just for the big brands and companies that have large investment capacity. Simple AI tools such as AI Chatbot, growth engine driving sales from new and existing channels and internal workflow optimizations, are some of the few affordable AI services that differentiate you from competitors.


Blockchain is the next generation technology that generates trust, transparency, and simplicity for many of the business processes such as records management, identity management, customer management, etc. Our team can assist with this evaluation and execution, so you can maximize your profits and gain customers.

Support & Operations

Our goal is for you to maximize your efforts and drive profits. To scale and grow your business, many of the non-essential services such as technology operations, online customer support, call center, etc. should be outsourced. Our Indian operations team, provides this low cost, high quality and flexible no long term contract services.

Data & Analytics

We Transform huge amounts of raw data into actionable reports and dashboards. Track your key business metrics, see longtime trends, identify outliers, and unearth hidden insights.We can help you unlock insights by tapping into data you didn’t even know you had to get you insights that can help transform your business.


We automate your development and operations faster and more reliably, without compromising on quality. Our CI/CD tools improve time to market with automatic feedback, which is crucial to in-game development for new releases of versions and features in online multiplayer games to keep the players engaged and interested.



eSports Tournament Platform

Host your competitive PC or Mobile game on our eSports tournament platform with our plug-n-play architecture. Take advantage of years of industry experience, production ready white-label or hosted eSports-as-a-service platform. We will also integrate and operate your game tournaments using our hybrid onshore and offshore flexible resource model.

Blockchain Identity Management

Our Blockchain Identity Management Tool offers a decentralized and secure solution via a distributed trust model. We generate user trust score through our smart contracts validation engine that is currently used in the gaming industry and can extend to e-Commerce checkout, employment verification, legal and financial transactions etc.

Gamers Community Platform

Our plug-in-play gamer community platform will not only assist in getting new gamers, but it will also extend life of your existing games. Built on social engine, a true open architecture that integrates into your existing game engine (Unity, UnReal, GameMaker, Godot, AppGameKit etc.) and can be easily managed by us or operated by your marketing team.

Our Certified Team

Our team consists of professionals who are certified from few of the top tech giants across the globe.

Tech Stack.

Back-End Technologies

Cloaked behind the silky smooth functionality of your interface, our genius backend codes are the reason for the flawless functionality of your website.

Frontend Technologies

Knock the users off their seats with our front end technologies which are a perfect blend of modern design and an accessible UX to provide the most captivating brand experience.

Native Mobile Framework

Develop mobile apps flawlessly and experience the optimized performance with our native mobile framework.

Hybrid Mobile Framework

Deliver amazingly interactive native apps with a single codebase in record time with the best platform for hybrid apps.

Server Technologies

Be surfeit with our plethora of server technologies that ensure rapid development, pragmatic and secure websites.


Diminish long time leads and errors, discord in business requirements, etc. by properly developing your operations for improved communication between application development and IT operations team and a successful product.

Frontend Framework

Boot your website easily with a set of concise and flexible frontend frameworks and get your website up and running in no time.


Our extensive database has a bandwidth broad enough to meet any of our client’s requirements and chokeslam every challenge of large datasets.

Quality Assurance Tool

We provide full end to end mobile, web and API automation services based on release objectives.Our QA engineers have extensive experience in leading open source test tools like Appium, Selenium, Cypress, RestAssured, TestNG and many more.

Cloud Hosting

Add a unique set of feature to your business with adaptable, scalable and highly efficient hosting solution.

Analytics Tools

We do the heavy lifting by analyzing data and insights, using homogenized analytic platforms for you to reap the benefits of the outcome.

Marketing Tools

Marketing is like low-hanging fruit for us. With the use of current technologies, tools and coverage of every marketing aspect, we leverage just the right audience for you.

Search Engine

Devise strategies by utilising the topmost data available out there with the help of highly reliable, open sourced and blazing-fast search engines.

Operating System

Effortlessly communicate with users as well as computers with our technical know-how of operating systems.

Teamwork Tool

Build up the team spirit of your business holistically with an assemblage of prolific tools.

Blockhain Platform

Build decentralized, peer-to-peer public or private blockchain applications with ease.

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